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How should we Choose Best False Eyelashes ?

Not all of us are endowed with large and luminous eyes, and there are plenty of women with small eyes or deep set ones, while some have eyes set too close together. Whatever be the problem with your eyes, along with the right kind of eye makeup, you can also choose best false eyelashes for small eyes, to produce a ravishing look.
False Eyelashes for Small Eyes
Many women fight shy of false eyelashes, most probably because they don’t know how to wear them or what color to use. If you have really small eyes, you need to hunt for ones that are suitable. Basically, they should look natural and should also be flexible and come with a clear plastic strip which is not too thick. While considering best false eyelashes for small eyes, take time to select ones that have soft hair and are not too thick, as this could ‘drown’ your small eyes. The clear strip is also very important, as it can stand out incongruously against small eyes.

Since you have small eyes, it would be a good idea to trim each of the lashes while you begin your makeup, by first placing them over your natural ones, to get an idea of the size. Don’t choose a strip wider than your eyes, and the right size would be something just shorter than the natural width of your eyes. While considering best false eyelashes for small eyes, don’t buy something too long in size, but remember that the width can always be trimmed off. Trim the length carefully in a way that the shorter lashes are towards the inner part of the eye. While trimming, trim a little less than the length you have decided and make use of really sharp scissors.

Those having small eyes could, alternatively, go in for individual eyelashes, while doing their eye makeup. You can buy a set of these as it will contain lashes of different lengths and you can combine it to suit your eye shape or size. Individual eyelashes can also be used just where you wish to fill them in over your natural ones, and can also be used only in the outer corners, to avoid a very dramatic look. You can just use four or five of them for each eye to enhance the makeup.

You could consider all the above tips for selecting the best false eyelashes for small eyes, but remember that you purchase a suitable size, as the super long ones are just not for you, as they might end up making your eyes look still smaller.

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